Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas countdown has well and truly begun!

Afternoon all! Welcome again to Mr Manwich and my first proper bumper post!

Over the next few months I'll be eating lots of sandwiches :) , posting reviews and pictures, and offering general musings on all things sandwich related.
No sandwich is safe: if it has two slices of bread and a whole lot of filling I will eat it, appreciate it and blog about it! 

So here we are! It's that time of year again... the temperature drops; the adverts come on TV; decorations and cheery music start appearing in stores, but most importantly the return of one of my favourite sandwich varieties: THE FESTIVE SANDWICH!

It was a magical feeling! Saturday afternoon browsing around the Boots store of St Enoch in Glasgow, out of normal curiosity (I like to check if there are any new or one-off sandwich offerings at every possible opportunity) I glance at the sandwich counter... and BEHOLD: the red coloured packaging synonymous with the Yuletide months has finally returned! In that moment I KNOW the countdown to Christmas has officially begun.....

Heaven in Sandwich Form

I feel giddy!

With a gasp, I cry out to Miss Manwich, "They're back! They're back! The Christmas sandwiches are back!" 

I rifle through the selection and quickly find my old favourite, a sandwich I have fondly nicknamed 'The Christmas Dinner', as it has a starter, main and dessert sandwich.

The Christmas Dinner

So now we've set the scene, let's talk about the main event!
Now, I always eat the components of this sandwich in the obvious starter - main course - dessert order (why wouldn't you?) and the primary sandwich is a classic, classic starter prawn cocktail.

In between the slices of soft, wholegrain bread, lies crispy lettuce; sweet tomato slices; fresh, chilled North Atlantic prawns; and creamy marie rose sauce. The helping of prawns is ample for the starter portion of this sandwich, and it gets better with every bite!

I move on to the 'main course' triangle, and the only words that can be used are:

OH MY DAYS ! ! !

Turkey/meat and stuffing sandwiches have long been up there as one of my favourites, as many of you sandwich fans who have read my previous Facebook reviews will know, but as I'm hoping to reach out and entertain a wider audience with this blog let's dive in and get a taste for it as I did...

As always, the turkey is fresh, meaty and generously applied. The leaves and cooked bacon compliment the primary meat; mayo ensures the sandwich is not too dry; stuffing is salty, soft and tasty; and the cranberry sauce is the sweet, cool pièce de résistance! My only complaint: it ended too soon!

The sweetness continues on consumption of the final slice. The dessert brie is soft and creamy and the same cranberry sauce from the main course element compliments deliciously leaving me satisfied, smiling and  pining for my next Christmas sandwich opportunity.


2 slices of bread and a whoooooooole lot of fillin': get one at your earliest opportunity!

Please feel free to leave any comments and/or recommendations!

Next up: Marks and Spencer's festive offering....

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