Saturday, 26 November 2011

Parliamo un po 'di italiano...

(Let's talk a little Italian)....

Happy Saturday to you all, wherever you may be! Hope you are all enjoying the freakin' weekend!

Reppin' ma city! Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow.

It's a cold, wet and windy day here in Glasgow: I can't think of any better way to spend my evening than share with you a near ideal sandwich moment from my recent trip to Mauritius...

Lonely Planet: is there any other guide book?

Mr Manwich in a post card setting.

Picture the scene: shown to our beach-side table, famished after a long morning to checking out 5* hotels in the baking heat (my job is terrible), I stumble across this beauty on a restaurant menu and I feel elated:

Boasting a classic combination of Italian lunch time staples, I jumped upon the opportunity to sample this sandwich
champion as a beach snack. The prospect of Parma ham and tomatoes is not one I turn down often, and this was no exception.

When she arrived, the sandwich was just what I was after: Lightly toasted ciabatta bread with fresh green leaves, thinly sliced Parmigiana and salty, smoky Prosciutto slices. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Fries on the side is always a sterling effort when serving a sit down sandwich, and I felt the small black olive and pickle served on top was a nice touch.

However, I did feel the need to vandalise this sandwich Mr Manwich style and add in some buffalo mozzarella from the table salad for a little extra moisture around the half way stage. I don't know if it was my prolonged exposure to the Mauritian heat, but as I continued on through the sandwich it seemed a little dry and in need of a little somethin' somethin'. The table mozzarella, with its extra virgin olive oil dressing, more than sufficed and after this addition we were right back on track.

I sampled this sandwich at the 'C' Beach Club, which is part of the Heritage Le Telfair Hotel, Mauritius. Overall, it was a fairly enjoyable eat!

Good night, Mauritius.

This was one of three sandwiches I sampled on the MRU trip.  Other sandwiches include a ham baguette from an airport cafe (who adds raw white onion to a ham sandwich!? #ludacris);

and a final sandwich which can only be described as a chicken tikka 'EFFORT' served by the airline who shall remain nameless in the public domain: We be a sandwich lover, not a hater!

Homeward Bound!

Happy eating, Sandwich fans!

Mr Manwich

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  1. Ciabatta ?!, a whole new area of culinary delights!


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