Thursday, 24 November 2011


I've been so excited to see so many random views from sandwich fans in countries all over the world: big shout to the 3 recent viewers from Vietnam, 2 Russian comrades and all you cats checking out Mr Manwich from the USA! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Why not use your holiday time to pay homage to another famous sandwich enthusiast: get tucked in to a leftover toickey sandwich with a Dr Ross Gellar 'moist maker' and post some pictures!?!

(For those of you who don't know what a 'Moist Maker' is: first of all SHAME ON YOU; secondly, click here for an explanation.)

So anyway, I'm now just about over my Mauritius jet lag and ready to get down to business!

I even made myself a few wee sandwich treats for work today! Three variations of a Mr Manwich home-made favourite, and 3 words that excite the taste buds and always leave the stomach yearning for more....


From left to right, sandwich fans: Morrison's crusty roll with Double Gloucester creamy, creamy cheese and classic Branston small chunk pickle; Warburton's seeded batch loaf with the same filling (I like to mix it up on the bread front...); and finally, Sainsbury's morning roll with the same cheese and my faither's very own green tomato chutney made to a classic Scottish recipe: straight oot Maw Broon's cookbook.

I just want to spend a couple of minutes concentrating on the most enjoyable part of my three champion creations above: the Warburton's bread from the middle sannie.

 In my opinion, the seeded batch is almost the PERFECT bread for a sandwich boasting chutney or pickle!
 Although not a white bread, it's not exactly a brown bread's far too soft, light and enjoyable to be a brown bread. 

The individual slices are not large by any means, yet not too small to satisfy a sandwich craving. Crusts are not too chunky, meaning fillings can be spread evenly to each edge without any trouble, a factor imperative  in the assembly of every sandwich, as any connoisseur will know; and the various seeds dotted through each slice compliment fillings with ease. 

Normally this loaf is waaaaay less than a quid (86p in my local store) making it a complete steal in comparison to some other breads out there! It's nae bad toasted under the grill with a big helping of the double gloucester cheese either. 

Warburton's, Sainsbury's, Branston, sandwich fans, faither: you're welcome. :)

A wee preview of things to come?!?   Go on then................

Sandwiches up for review in upcoming posts will be the Marks and Spencer Christmas bad boy I briefly mentioned a few posts ago, a MASSSSIVE Tesco Deep fill, and a Mauritius beach front treat with Italian flair.....

Stay tuned for some sandwich lovin' from over here...I'm only just getting warmed up. 

Mr Manwich

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