Monday, 5 December 2011

These are not just sandwiches: these are Mr Manwich sandwiches...

This was meant to be a quick entry this time...but when I start writing this sandwich banter, I find it a bit difficult to stop!
Munched my way through three ham, cheese and mayo on Warburton's Monday- always an enjoyable lunchtime staple. I'm looking forward to moving on to some special feature festive sandwich posting over the next few weeks! Many a Christmas turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich to be consumed over the festive time and I feel like I'm lagging behind in my consumption recently!

I did sample a Marks and Spencer Xmas bad boy recently on a wee trip up the toon in our wonderful city of Glesga.

Feast your eyes on this beast, sandwich fans!

Marks and Spencer's Festive Offering

As with any festive sandwich, the Marks and Spencer offering features the staples of turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, leaves and mayo on wholegrain bread; but 


This is where Marks and Sparks takes the proverbial biscuit.
This ain't no 'wafer thin', budget, reconstituted, 50% water, boke-fest turkey: this is M&S turkey. 
Widely sliced and meaty, soft and seasoned; the roasted turkey and accompaniments fill my belly and leave a grin across my satisfied chops. =]

The only niggle I have with this sandwich is the small matter of price. At a whopping £3.95 for sit in, the M&S Christmas main course sandwich is well and truly at the upper end of the festive sandwich pricing scale, even costing double the price of Tesco's 'Turkey and all the Trimmings' product!

And now ladies; gentlemen; sandwich fans: it's time forrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

The Main Event

As promised, I've outlined each of the steps I took to create my Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel, Godfather 2, Guernica, ROCKY 4 masterpiece 'The Mr Manwich: Salami Edition- Nov 2011'!

To recap: Thick, hand sliced tiger bread; thinly, evenly spread butter; fresh wild rocket; a generous helping of meaty, smoky, oily-but-not-too-oily salami milano; juicy, ripe cherry tomatoes; a drizzle of extra virgin and to top the elements all off cool creamy mayo...

Each step in the creation of the sandwich was taken with care, documented and photographed as evidence of the creation of my true sandwich masterpiece.
Sorry about this one, sandwich fans; but read it and weep that it wasn't yours to enjoy!

Step 1: After slicing a fresh Sainsbury's tiger bread to the desired slice thickness, I like to ensure all ingredients are fresh and laid out preparation for easy access and perfect sandwich composition. Although using mayo, I always butter my bread too. This ensures the finished sandwich has no chance of dryness. 

Step 2: I added a nice helping of wild rocket leaves to add bite and texture to the Mr Manwich. As with an Italian salad, I feel wild rocket compliments a strong meat such as the salami milano used in this sandwich well. As I said: bite and texture. 

Step 3: Slice some fresh cherry tomatoes and arrange across the width of the sandwich. A cool, sweet cherry tomato further adds moisture to a large sandwich such as this, and the tomato skins add further crunch to the sandwich filling.

Step 4: What sandwich is complete without mayo? I mean: c'mon! Hellman's is hands down the favourite, but I find myself liking Heinz creamy mayo too. Either is fine. Light mayo is not.

Step 5: Time for the big heat. The front row seat.  The cops on the beat. The no mean feat......THE SANDWICH MEAT!
Count those slices, sandwich fans...... I added not 1, not 2, not 3 but SEVEN delicious slices of Morrison's deli Salami Milano. It is the main ingredient people, and like Jim from last season's Apprentice, I always adhere to one rule: Go big or go home!

Step 6: More mayo. Why the hell not?

Step 7: Sliced cherries again. As I'm sure you can see, there is a pattern developing here: after the main event ingredient, I always repeat the previous steps. Inside the bread, the sandwich should be symmetrical to ensure equal filling amounts throughout, and a perfect filling:bite ratio.

Step 8: Leaves as per bottom slice.

Step 9: After a drizzle of extra virgin, I add the second slice of bread on top of sandwich to finish the masterpiece. This slice must be placed on there with utmost care and attention so as not to disturb any of the filling work: think of a game Jenga.

Then... stand back and take a couple of seconds to admire your creation: you done well, son! (And yes, I know grammatically speaking, this should say 'you did well, son': calm doon, people it's a colloquialism.)

Step 10: Slice, photograph, DESTROY.

Go on, pals: bite it! Eat it! Chew it! ANNIHILATE IT! You deserve it!

Step 11: Although thoroughly satisfied and proud of a valiant sandwich effort, it is hard not to despair as the plate where your masterpiece creation once sat now lies empty: a shadow of it's former greatness.
But despair not, sandwich fans, for ye have conquered and mastered the masterpiece known as 'The Mr Manwich: Salami Edition- Nov 2011'

Stay meaty, sandwich fans!

Mr Manwich

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