Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A piece on pushing the boundaries.

This past month getting back into work has been absolutely brutal after some great time off over Christmas and New Year, but quiet nights in have given me the chance to ponder some sandwich musings. In this post I contemplate this great sandwich uncertainty: are there any limits to what can be put in a sandwich?

"Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning what to put in their sandwiches?!"

Now I understand this is a quandary which troubles most of us - even former American presidents struggle with it - but never fear sandwich fans,  as tonight we contemplate this exactly: IS there a limit to what can be put into a lunchtime sandwich!?

In short, the answer is a simple


Sure, the sandwiches I have been talking about recently could be considered rudimentary lunch time offerings: the ham and cheeses,  the cheese and pickles, the festive classics, the chicken and mayos; but let's take a moment out to explore a couple further possibilities that are often enjoyed by myself and other followers of the sandwich religion.

As in my last post, a spontaneous sandwich such as the pie in the bread can often prove vastly rewarding but what about going that bit further with what we put in between our two slices... 

How's this one for size?

Ice Cream


Yeah, that's right: 

                               ICE CREAM.


You guys might think this is mad, and I thought the same when it was first suggested to me by an old pal, but it really all makes perfect sense! It's just like dipping a wafer in your sundae!

Think about this: for a bit of crunch, lightly toast Warburton's seeded batch (as stated a few posts back, possibly THE best sandwich making bread) and fill with 2 scoops of your chosen ice-cream poison.

The result: sweet, cold, crispy, creamy, crunchy heaven. It's a dessert, a snack or a main meal.

My ice cream of choice was Asda's raspberry pavlova, which is basically raspberry ripple (Yeah, it's girly: and what?!) but others have gone down another much loved path with some help from those old pals Ben and Jerry and their cookie dough:

Props to Marty Melvin for this photo of his B&J's manwich.

And there you have it my sandwich brethren: your February Ice Cream manwich.

Still hungry for another manwich that isn't strictly conventional?

A long-time post-pub/Sunday afternoon favourite of Mr Manwich is the well conceived Super Noodle Sandwich (knife and fork optional)

The pretence is simple: packet of super noodles (any flavour will do but Chicken or Curry preferred) in between two slices of lightly buttered Warburton's Toastie sliced white loaf (the orange wan) or  Warburton's Thickest sliced white loaf (the green wan).

Sauce to taste - brown, red, nandos, bbq, sweet chilli, WHATEVER- but the bread HAS to be buttered. This is essential. It just adds that wee bit of je ne sais quoi; a bit extra salt we all crave when hungover or just in from the boozer, perhaps. Regardless, the butter is imperative to the finished article. 

This manwich can get messy as the bread soaks up all those delicious noodle juices, so dive in with a knife and fork or just go mano e mano bare knuckled with the manwich as you would a normal sandwich... if you think you're hangover's man enough.

Stu just couldn't get over his hangover without a Super Noodle manwich.

Moving on, I wanted to shout some big manwich love to a nice wee eatery in our big toon of Glesga who are churning out some BIG sandwich flavas:

Piece (@pieceglasgow), as featured in the List (http://www.list.co.uk/place/103394-piece/), is  a small sandwich joint situated at the Finnieston end of Argyle Street in Glasgow. 

These guys are putting together some mean, mean manwiches with the freshest ingredients and fists full of sandwich love.

On Saturday past I'm famished. Lunch break rolls around not a minute too soon and I battle through the Glasgow weather to sampled the daily special, The Auld Alliance, which showcased some of the best Scottish and French ingredients. 

At Piece, famished lunchers can choose from a selection of bread and rolls such as ciabatta and sliced bloomer loaf but I stick to my mantra (go big or go home) and opt for the full length French baguette.

Stuffed into my man sized baguette is perfectly pink Scottish roast beef, French blue cheese, leaves, mayo and French dressing. 

The baguette is soft yet crunchy,  the meat is as tender and flavoursome as a Sunday roast and the cheese and sauces compliment perfectly.

The menu at Piece is extensive and just every single sandwich on it sounds and offers the promise of sandwich heaven. 

Thai style pork? They got it.
New York style pastrami and pickles? Yup.
Surf and Turf with chilli prawns? Obbbbbbvsss.

And these are just a few!

Everyone on a visit to Glasgow or out in the town and famished make a point of visiting either this shop or the sister store Another Piece on Glasgow's Great Western Road: you won't regret it!

Some more big manwich love to Marty Melvin and Jules Robb for their suggestions and input re: the ice cream sandwiches a few weeks back, to Caino and Mickey O for the recent pictures, and to another Marty (@gingerjackson69) for tweeting me his HAAAAAmazin looking Christmas leftover sandwich after the big day as below: 

Thanks as always for your kind comments, suggestions and pictures of sandwiches for the blog; I'm glad you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoy eating and writing! 

Check out the new twitter feed I've started up, I'll try and mini blog this more often: @MrManwich

Oh aye, and stay tuned to www.mrmanwich.com , I've got some right belters coming up...

Mr Manwich

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