Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More Manwich Wars...

A not-so-long time ago in a galaxy not very far, far away....

Mr Manwich proposed to construct a series of Star Wars themed sandwiches. 

Recognising their passion; creativity and talent for manwich composition, Mr Manwich called upon his closest sandwich community for ideas, inspiration and manwich designs...

The time has now come to shout out to those who submitted their ideas; give all of us the chance to fantasize and salivate over some of the submissions; and call for any last minute additions before it's time to get down to the business of eating.

Oh! And if any kind soul has won big in a game of chance or on pod race bets recently, a set of official Star Wars sandwich cutters are always top of my Christmas list.

So as promised, here are the Star Wars manwich ideas - be sure to give props to the brainiac composers of your favourites via your preferred medium!

"The Ham Solo" - @mrmanwich
"The Princess Dairyleia" - @mrmanwich
"The Emmental Strikes Back" - @thedryboy
"The Jam-Jar Binks" - @CuzAmScottish
"The Luke Sky-Walkers" - @Mcleishie
"The Princess Layers-Of-Meat" - Mickey O
"The Kebaba The Hutt" - @CuzAmScottish
"E-Wok Fried Chicken" - @frostbitejunkie
"The Darth Asidious" - @Mcleishie

Let's see how creative we can be in order to get a few more, sandwich faithful!

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Mayo the force be with you...

Mr Manwich

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