Monday, 25 February 2013

Seek and Destroy: The Squealer from Whole Foods Market, Giffnock, Glasgow.

I'd been hearing rumours of some major manwich action going on at the takeaway sandwich counter at Whole Foods Market in Giffnock for a while...

Murmers of fresh fillings; soft, crusty breads and a Mr Manwich favourite; a pulled pork target that needed neutralised.

Today, Miss Manwich and I took advantage of having the day off work and made our way down to @WFMGiffnock to scope out the sandwich situation.

My manwich mission? Seek and Destroy.

Whole Foods Market, Giffnock

On arrival, I took a moment to get our bearings and map out the best route for attack no need for anyone to run in all guns blazing and miss something special.

A quick browse of the aisles gave me the chance to admire the fantastic variety of fresh, delicious looking fruits and veg, meats and poultry, pulses and dairy products, and acted as great sandspiration for some upcoming manwiches I've got planned...stay tuned, as I conquer these ideas in the next few weeks.

Miss Manwich picked up some fresh chilli burgers, fat jalapeƱos ripe for stuffing into poppers, whilst I grabbed some delicious looking wild boar Italian salami for tomorrow's lunch break. In manwich making, preparation is everything.

After the meat was picked up, it was time to close in on the objective: the pulled pork sandwich. I located the sandwich counter using the over-aisle signs and marched in it's direction purposefully...

What happened next, caught me off guard. A glorious sight to behold appeared before my eyes. A sandwich saviour in the middle of the grocery shopping battle ground:

Oscar, Mike, Golf @ the size of that manwich!

At first, I was distracted from the task at hand by the sight of this behemoth manwich crammed full of ham, cheese, and salad,but this 'wich was for another day: the card hanging below the monster manwich revealed I was exactly where I needed to be. Target in sight:

Target in sight...

The rumours were true and "The Squealer" was there for the taking.

I grabbed the attention of the sandwich maker and placed my order like a shot. A jolt of excitement. A 5 minute wait. A 4 minute wait. A 1 minute wait. It was ready.

The manwich was passed over the counter to me and the first part of my objective complete.

£3.99, this one's all mine.

I race to the checkout and have the sandwich goodies scanned through. At £3.99, the sandwich seems very reasonable for a freshly cooked hot sandwich with the high quality ingredients boasted by Whole Foods.

I'm through the checkout and have taken my seat at one of the breakfast bars. I unwrap the package: it's time to destroy "The Squealer".

The Squealer Unwrapped
Unwrapped, the bread is fresh, crusty and soft when squeezed. The filling is hot. The creamy mozzarella melted, the sour cream and guacamole evident.

The filling.
The filling is generous and evenly distributed across the whole sandwich. The bread is toasted perfectly, the sour cream oozes out and the pork is a delightful sight.

Chipotle pork, mozzarella, sour cream, guacamole, toasted.
 The contents are exactly as the brief outlined: chipotle pulled pork, creamy mozzarella, cool sour cream and fresh guacamole.

The time for looking, admiring and taking pictures is over: "The Squealer" is firmly in my cross-hair.

The first bite.
I breathe in and steady myself before I commit...

The first bite is everything I wanted it to be.

The pork is smoky, hot and fulfilling. The perfect spice of the chipotle sauce is complemented by the mild mozzarella: the cool sour cream and guacamole offset the heat and create a simply awesome manwich experience.

It's time to chow down, savour every last bite and complete my second objective: destroy.

"The Squealer": destroyed.

In summary:

For a pulled pork manwich lover, "The Squealer" ticks every box. The recipe is perfect, though some lashings of hot sauce would have pushed this manwich into another dimension but that's only my tastes. Everyone loves a pig-inspired name and the manwich size and the quality of the ingredients makes "The Squealer" very reasonable value for money. Maybe not one you might be able to afford every lunch break, but as Whole Foods Market is open 'til 9pm 7days, this manwich would make an ample sized evening meal.

Have you been down to a Whole Foods Market or near you to try a different manwich? And what about other places that served pulled pork? Any recommendations?

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