Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spotted on Twitter...

#Epic manwich action!

To make sure I don't miss out on any manwich action from round the globe , I keep my eye a stream of all '#manwich' tweets on hootsuite.

Seeing tweets and pics from fellow sandwich enthusiasts often acts as great sandspiration, but sometimes gives me major manwich envy! This tweet is a perfect example and I thought these guys definitely needed a shout out:

Last night, @iAwesomeness posted a pic to Instagram of some beastin' Manwiches he and his bros were enjoying:

Not only was I jealous of the_suaz taking part in a manwich fest with his bros, the bad boy sandwich in the foreground caught my eye as a major, major manwich. The sight of such a fresh, saucy, meaty manwich evoked some major sandwich envy! This bad boy is an admirable effort from my manwich comrades across the Atlantic:

Kudos to you guys in NYC from me and my manwich bros in Glasgow, Scotland!

Mr Manwich

Coming up on Mr Manwich soon:

A round up of some manwiches I've been eating in my blogging downtime and my first sandwich book review: The Encyclopedia of Sandiwches by Susan Russo!

Check back to soon and don't forget I'm on Twitter: @mrmanwich.

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