Friday, 1 March 2013

The Big Mao-ful: The Blue Dragon Chinese Chicken Curry Manwich

Some of you guys might have read about my recent visit to Whole Foods to check out "The Squealer".

The manwich not only filled my belly with delicious pulled pork goodness but a desire to keep blogging and documenting my journey to sandwich enlightenment.

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been keeping up with the Tweets of fellow sandwich fans using the hashtags #manwich and #sandwich.

Seeing pictures of creations my sandwich brethren from all over the world acts as fantastic sandspiration and I wanted to take some time to share my latest manwich creation with you guys. And here it is:

Mr Manwich presents, The Big Mao-ful: a manwich stuffed full of Blue Dragon Chinese chicken curry and boiled rice.

The Big Mao-ful by Mr Manwich

And here's the story of how it came to be.

I returned home from work on a cold Glasgow evening and was delighted to find Miss Manwich had made a fantastic looking Chinese chicken curry using Blue Dragon Chinese Curry Paste and our favourite coloured bell pepper.

Blue Dragon Chinese Curry Paste

It smelled delicious: delicately scented with 5 spice; a classic sweet, slightly spicy Chinese curry aroma. The accompanying boiled rice was light, fluffy and perfectly cooked.

My immediate instinct was to grab an ample sized baguette (Mr Manwich always has some to hand), spread on some butter, and pack it full of the fluffy rice and saucy chicken and pepper curry.

The Big Mao-ful and Blue Dragon paste

The result?


The Whole Foods baguette had a flavoursome, crusty exterior and a soft and fluffy interior which soaked up the curry sauce perfectly ensuring the Big Mao-ful was not dry.

The chicken was moist and tasty. The Blue Dragon curry was rich, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, classic Chinese goodness and I would thoroughly recommend it. Miss Manwich's  accompanying rice and peppers added texture and depth to the Big Mao-ful making the manwich a firm success and delicious, filling evening meal.

As @heloves_evenme tweeted recently: "A sandwich is just a sandwich. But a #manwich is a meal".

Never a truer word spoken.

The Big Mao-ful

Have you guys got any other curry or chinese style manwich receipes to recommend?

Leave a comment, drop me an email or tweet me @MrManwich!

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