Monday, 18 March 2013

The Louisana Dribbler by Mr Manwich

Apart from sandwiches, ribs are one of my favourite foods in the world.

Whether it be a full rack of sticky, smoky, saucy BBQ ribs smothered in Jack Daniels sauce a la TGI Fridays, all you can eat baby-backs on a Monday night from Tony Roma, or a takeaway tray crammed with spicy, aromatic salt 'n chilli ribs from the Chinese: I'm there.

A couple of Sundays ago I decided to pick up a half rack of pork ribs from my local supermarket, try out my rib cooking skills, and make a delicious filling for my Monday manwich.

And here it is:

The Louisana Dibbler.

The Louisiana Dribbler
I started by selecting a deliciously fresh half rack of pork ribs from the local Morrison's. Meaty on the bone, and trimmed to make sure there wasn't too much fat, just the perfect amount.

The Half Rack
Next step: I seasoned my rack with salt and pepper and selected my marinating weapon of choice, Encoda Louisiana Cajun Hot Sauce: a fiery, smooth, tangy sauce with Cayenne pepper.

Asking an adult for help, I used a sharp knife to make a few small slits in the meat to make sure the Cajun flavours seeped into the meat. I drenched the ribs in the full bottle of sauce and massaged the meat to intensify the chilli flavour.

I wrapped the rack in foil and left to marinate in the fridge for a few hours before pre-heating the oven to a low temperature. The piggy ribs were then tucked in their warm bed for nearly 3 hours and only opened up for a sprinkling of brown sugar to add a little sweetness.

Marinated and slow-cooked.
After cooking, pulled the ribs apart with my fingers. The succulent, juicy meat fell away from the bone; the brown sugar top layer: crispy, sweet and caramelised. I poured the cooking juices over the pulled meat to for extra flavour and moisture.

I pulled and shredded the meat on a small plate using two forks. The Cajun chilli aroma intense, smooth and smoky.

To add an extra kick, I drizzled the meat with my favourite, FAVOURITE hot and spicy sauce: Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce. It says it on the bottle and as those who know me know, I live by the Frank's motto: "I put that on everything!!"

Shredded and sauced.
I left the meat to cool, covered it and kept it in the fridge overnight to let the extra hot sauce and juices seep into the meat adding further depth to the Cajun, cayenne, chilli flavour.

The following day, I unleashed the moist rib meat onto a soft, crusty, freshly cut baguette. On the roll, I spread some classic mayo; added my juicy, spicy pork rib meat; and garnished with halved cherry tomatoes, some salad leaves, a crack of black pepper and a drizzle of good of Frank.

The Louisiana Dribbler by Mr Manwich.

The manwich was cool, meaty, moist and flavoursome. The mayonnaise cooled the smooth, tangy spiciness of the Cajun meat and the drizzled Frank's Buffalo dressing, with he leaves and cherry toms adding another layer and texture of fresh crunchiness.

The baguette was a perfect dough to crust ratio an the meat was succulent, aromatic, crispy yet soft and fulfilling, leaving me salivating and yearning for more rib tickling sandwich goodness.

"I cannot fault that!", said a colleague who was lucky enough to try The Louisiana Dribbler as the manwich disappeared all too quickly before my eyes leaving me full and satisfied.

Has anyone got any suggestions on what I should try for my next creation? Slow cooked brisket? Or roast chicken?

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Mr Manwich


  1. I think Roast Chicken as it is often talked about but seldom used.

    the beauty of chicken is its versatility and i would love to see what you do with it!

    1. Hey Sam, Great idea! I'll see what I can whip up and post it up here soon! Any suggestions on flavours/accompaniments for the roast chicken?

  2. That looks absolutely bloody incredible. I am a huge fan of tenderly cooked meats, hot-sauce and bread... so this thing is like a dream come true!!

    1. Hey Fraser, Thanks for your comment and great to hear from a fellow meat and hot sauce lover!

      For more like this, check out and their recent post on "The Ribman" of London and his very own "Holy Fuck" hot sauce!


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