Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bacon Butty @ Social Bite, Rose St, Edinburgh

The old man and I make the short train journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh to soak in the Murrayfield atmosphere and cheer Scotland on during the Six Nations every year.

Before hitting the pubs for the obligatory pre-match Guinness's's's, we are always on the look out for that special place offering just what we need to line out stomachs.

On our last visit, we stumbled upon Social Bite: a small takeaway eatery ideally situated on Rose Street.
Social Bite offers an array of freshly prepared sandwiches, subs, baguettes and wraps, soups, coffees and hot drinks: perfect for a cold, damp Scottish morning.

But it's not just the ingredients that are fresh: 100% of the store's profits go to charitable causes: Shelter Scotland Every penny. An admirable ethos. "But what about the food!??!", I hear you cry...

The manwich menu is extensive with some delectable choices on offer, and all food is handmade every day using fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients and produce.  If it hadn't been breakfast time, I would have been all over that Honey and Chill Pork Sub!

Social Bite Super Subs

To set us up for the day, Old Man Manwich and I both ordered the bacon butty, splashed a bit of brown sauce on there and devoured the smoked, salty breakfast treat.

Everyone knows the scenario:

Sunday morning, it's time to cook the bacon. You drop it in the frying pan, the sizzling cacophony reaches your ears and you know you're onto a good thing.

It smells delicious, it crisps up nicely, the mouth waters...

At just the right time, the rashers are placed in the bread, the sauce is drizzled and the job's nearly done.

All that remains is the euphoria of the tasting...

The filling fits the roll like a glove. The roll itself is soft and fresh, the bacon is well cooked. Smoky and fulfilling. The sauce does what it's supposed.

That's exactly what we got at Social Bite. Good food for a good cause!

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