Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Recording Breaking Manwiches During British Sandwich Week!

It's British Sandwich Week!!!!

For some people this might mean celebrating the humble sandwich. A staple lunch box filler to fuel the afternoon's work. But here @ mrmanwich.com we celebrate mighty manwiches ERRRRRDAY.

That's not to say there aren't some VERY cool things, including world record breaking (!), going on over at the British Sandwich Association (http://www.lovesarnies.com) in to celebrate the week...

It's British Sandwich Week!

Today, 607 hungry sandwich fans turned out in Manchester to SMASH the record for the largest number of people simultaneously making a sandwich. The BSA's new record of 607 is now more than double the previous record held by Subway Sandwiches!

"Now we have 607 manwiches to eat. YASS!"
In your face, Subway Jared!

In addition to the record breaking, the British Sandwich Association are offering hungry lunchers the chance to win one of 1000 free lunches over on their website. Click here for more info on how to pick up yours. Who ever said there's no such thing as a free lunch!? ;)

Stay tuned to mrmanwich.com during this very special week for loads more manwich musings including and a review of today's special Lamb Kofta sandwich from Riverhill Coffee Bar, Glasgow (@RiverhillCoffee)!

Here's a preview....Enjoy.

Lamb Kofta special from Riverhill Coffee Bar, Glasgow.

Mr Manwich

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