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"Get Your Coat, Love; You’ve Pulled!" - The Pulled Pork Hot Pot from EAT, Glasgow. Guest Post by Sam-Wich...


Feast your eyes, my manwich brethren, on the charismatic thoughts and delectable words of my fellow swine (enthusiast), Sam-Wich (@cooltweetbro)...!

EAT, Gordon Street, Glasgow.

"Get Your Coat, Love; You’ve Pulled!"

Puns aside, the ever benevolent Mr Manwich has asked me to kindly write a guest post on a subject very close to both of our hearts – pulled pork!

Glasgow is currently undergoing what can only be described as a pulled pork renaissance. It’s kind of like the original renaissance, but with less art and more pig.

Mr Manwich has tweeted about the ever fantastic SMOAK (@smoakfood), which probably serves some of the best, most tender pork this side of the Mississippi - but never one to rest on my laurels; I decided to venture onwards to other eateries to truly find out who the champion of the pork world is.

This week I decided to check out EAT on Gordon Street, Glasgow. For those nor familiar with EAT (@eat_news), it’s a lunch time stop very much in the vein of your Pret A Manger. Though one thing it truly has going for it are some of the best hot takeaway dishes around Glasgow city centre.
Eat <3s BBQ Pulled Pork
Imagine my jubilation when an A-board appeared outside the Gordon Street shop proclaiming, quite rightly, that “Eat <3s Pulled Pork” - heck, who doesn’t?!

I was in that shop faster than proverbial lightning; my mind set on a single mission...

Find. Buy. Devour.
In case there were any questions over the quality
of the hands handling your food...

The EAT pulled pork comes in a generous sized tub which feels good in the hand, but teases to be even better in the belly (Not the tub, its contents).
To start off, they fill it with a little bit of well-cooked wild rice; just enough to fill you up and compliment the pulled pork. On top of the rice you get some AWESOME coleslaw. Seriously, this is what coleslaw should be. Crunchy 'slaw with so much flavour. It was pretty much sending me into sensory overload by this point.


The pork comes in an absolutely gorgeous tex-mex sauce: rich, sweet and just the right kind of stickiness. Even better, the meat comes in big slabs, cooked to perfection and dripping with flavour. The spice is just right and when combined with the light rice and unparalleled coleslaw...well, I was pretty much in palpitations and raptures.

Did I mention it comes topped with gherkins?! Because it does. And it’s magnificent, absolutely magnificent.
'Slaw, Pork, Pickles: Perfect.

I am always an advocate of the local artisan, but every now and then a big company can get it just right. EAT has definitely achieved that with their steadfast dedication to all things porcine.

If your local EAT is trying to cram some delicious pulled pork down your throat, do yourself a favour and take it like a man.

No regrets.

BIG thanks to Sam-Wich for taking the time to blog the EAT Pulled Pork Hot Pot for
You can hear more from him on Twitter where he tweets as @cooltweetbro.

And stay tuned to
In my next post I'll be showcasing THIS meaty Chargrilled Steak Burrito from Pinto Mexican Kitchen, Glasgow (@iLovePinto):
Chargrilled Steak Burrito from Pinto Mexican, Glasgow 

Have you had anything else delicious from EAT? Or a Pinto Burrito?
Tweet me @MrManwich, leave a comment or email me the details!

May the manwiches be with you...

Mr Manwich


  1. Some EAT shops do the Pulled Pork in a!

    1. I saw that on their Facebook page actually! I believe it's the ones down London way? Can't beat a healthy serving of pulled pork on a brioche bun!

    2. You guys are gonna be so happy, I had the pulled pork bun in the Gordon st shop today and it was EPIC!!


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