Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mr MACwich... And the Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club @ Sloans, Glasgow

There's nothin' like the feeling of a belly full of delicious, creamy, cheesy, tasty mac 'n cheese goodness.

Wait. WHAT!??????

Yeah that's right. For the first time ever on, this one ain't about sandwiches.

A couple of Wednesday nights ago, @cooltweetbro and I were lucky enough to find ourselves SMAC bang in the middle of a mac and cheese utopia at the Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club (@MacNCheeseSMAC) monthly meet in Sloans, Glasgow (@sloansglasgow).

Layin' the SMACdown.

Once every month, Glaswegian macaroni lovers convene at the church of SMAC to indulge their mac habit and sample some of the most innovative, decadent and original mac n cheeses out there.

It's tasty. It's saucy. It's the path to pasta enlightenment.

We got there early ready for the unveiling of the crispy-topped, golden delights. But before the passage to mac nirvana could begin, all new members must make their pledge:

SMACassin's Creed

Right hand to the air, with other mac lovers bearing witness, we recited the declaration and our initiation was complete.

Our meeting menu was varied: full of carbtastic, mactastic treats including the traditional mac 'n cheez you know and love. A decadent wild mushroom and truffle oil; Pastitsio: Greek macaroni with lasagne style beef and the ever cryptic mystery mac.

Gourmet SMAC. What more could you ask for?

The mystery mac was revealed as ham hock and leek with hollandaise sauce and I was knocked sideways.

Ham hock? Yeah, okay, but HOLLANDAISE sauce? YES, please. All day, ERRDAY.

It was creamy, sumptuous and packed with flavour. A simply marvellous mystery mac which, after a tough vote, emerged the overall mac daddy (or just 'winner') on the night. But for me the simple Sloans legendary macaroni was the stand out...

Mac city, bitch.

A staple of the Sloans menu. Soft, delicious, well coated with Gruyere cheese sauce. Thick and creamy, crispy on top; the melted cheese was stringy and ample. It's everything you could ever want in a plain macaroni dish and the ultimate comfort mac.

Have a hangover hankering for an absolute al-forno alcohol ailment cure? Find yourself in close proximity of Sloans? Get yourself there and devour this champion mac.

Superbad macs givin' me Mac'Lovin.

The next SMAC meeting will be at the same place on 29th May and one very important detail has already been confirmed: MACARONI CARBONARA.

The night's a bargain at only £9.95, the menu for the next meet is below and tickets can be bought in advance right here.

Schedule allowing, I'll definitely be there for the "Return of the SMAC".
Mark Morrison stuck in your head now? Thought so.

Mr MACwich

Have you been to the meet or a similar appreciation club I need to know about?
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