Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Lamb Kofta Special from Riverhill Coffee Bar, Gordon Street, Glasgow

I previewed this bad boy Riverhill manwich in Tuesday night's post covering British Sandwich week...

So here it is, manwich fans!

But first, let me give you some background info on the museum of manwiches:

Riverhill Coffee Bar is the new favourite lunch place for you guys working in Glasgow city centre. Popping up at the start of this year (21st Jan) on Gordon Street, Riverhill (@RiverhillCoffee) is fast making a name for itself among lunchers for its fresh, hand-crafted, meaty manwiches and decadent cakes.

Riverhill Coffee Bar & museum of manwiches, Gordon Street.
Just across the street from Eat, ken?

Updating their Facebook page daily with specials, ingredient snaps and manwich previews, I was lucky enough to clock Tuesday's special sandwich early. Although I had taken ingredients to work to make a lunchtime manwich, the prospect of a deliciously seasoned, slightly spicy kofta with tzatziki and pomegranate seeds in a toasted ciabatta crafted by one of Riverhill's sandwich artists was irresistible...

I'll have the lamb cough, ta.

12.40pm, I ventured along in the lovely May rain to make my order.  I had a chance to admire the other manwich exhibits on show in Riverhill as my manwich was prepared:

Riverhill Manwich Exhibition, May '13.
The first rule of Grilled Chicken Club, don't talk about Grilled Chicken Club.

Artists at work.

Admiring the bread and roll curves, expressive filling techniques and bright colours of the contents, I took in as many manwiches as I could in the short time it took for my kofta ciabatta to be made.

Then it was time to head back to the office, unwrap the completed piece...and dig in.

Lamb Kofta special from Riverhill Coffee Bar, Glasgow.

The aroma from the manwich as I unwrapped is sweet, masculinely meaty and intoxicating; the hole through the middle of the kofta confirms it has been cooked on the skewer.

Upon first bite, the ciabatta is crisp, fresh and sublimely toasted. It's dense enough to hold the filling, yet soft enough to easily bite and not rake on the roof of the mouth: a manwich pet hate.

My lamb is deliciously seasoned, meaty, and deep, like only lamb can be. There's no gristle or fatty bits and the centre boasts a beautiful medium cook and is slight colour of pink. A colleague commented that her manwich meat was slightly drier that she might have liked by fortunately my kofta was perfect for my tastes and preference.

Riverhill Coffee Bar main exhibit. 

The accompanying fresh tzatziki is cool, light and tasty but the real surprise delight were the pomegranate seed hidden within the sandwich. Each offered a beautifully natural sugary burst of flavour when bitten which brought the ingredients together.

Mr Manwich woz ere.

I finished it up without hesitation; a brilliant, tasty spring lunch treat which reminded me of summer pomegranate cocktails and spicy barbecued lamb.

If you get the chance to have one of these or the Riverhill brisket: dae it.

The empire biscuits are also killer!

Have you tried anything else from Riverhill? Or another manwich joint in the city centre?

Tweet me @MrManwich, leave a comment or email me the details!

May the manwiches be with you...

Mr Manwich

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  1. I am also a big fan of both the chicken shwarma and chicken club from River Hill, although would second the brisket and a biscuit option as a good, reliable lunch order.


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