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What's Mexican for Manwich? The Chargrilled Steak Burrito from Pinto Mexican Kitchen, Gordon Street, Glasgow

Pinto Mexican Kitchen has been the favourite joint of me and the guys for some midweek chow and a chance to chill out for a while.

Now tell me you don't like the sound of this:

Thursday night; nearly the end of the working week. After a day of hard work, the stomach groans.

I meet my bros outside the diner and we shuffle through the door. Immediately, the mouth waters and the taste buds tingle.

The aromas of Mexican style stewed, roasted and grilled meats, intense hot sauces and fresh ingredients fills the air. 

It's Pinto time.  

A soft flour burrito packed with a slow cooked meat of your choice, rice, saucy pinto beans, fresh salsa, cool sour cream and lashing of hot sauce served with two cold beers for £10?! It's exactly the kinda thing any red blooded gringo craves as a reward for the week's efforts. (Beers only in Queen St, amigos!)

Pinto opened their second kitchen in Glasgow on Gordon Street a couple of months ago and last week me and @sauce1989 headed down for the beefiest burrito the city centre has to offer.

Pinto Mexican Kitchen, Gordon Street, Glasgow.
If you need a paper, you can go next door.
The menu in the Gordon Street Pinto is slightly different to the Queen Street branch but all the essentials are there: tacos, quesadillas, tortas (also available for breakfast) and the big bad boy beefy burritos.

@sauce1989 looks on as his Pinto Burrito is crafted.
Usually, I'm a sucker for the pulled pork but taking the advice of the Pinto guys on Twitter (@iLovePinto) I went for the chargrilled steak burrito with pinto beans, the hottest salsa, extra jalapeƱos and sour cream.

The beef burritos were prepared in front of us with care and attention; fillings were heaped generously into the soft flour wrap and the whole deal was rolled into a neat foil parcel.

2x bro-ittos
Grabbing the obligatory Cholula hot sauce from the side, my poison in chipotle flavour, I pulled up and joined my bro at the breakfast bar to carefully unwrap our bro-ittos...and dig in.

The art of the Pinto bro-itto.
The first bite...
is everything I want, need and hoped it would be: hot, cool, meaty and spicy all at once.

A rush of sour cream is complimented by beefy, succulent, juicy chargrilled steak and earthy pulses.

Crunchy jalapenos, chipotle Cholula and hot salsa bringing the Mexican heat like a scorching summers day, and the soft flour burrito and fluffy rice ensure the bro-itto parcel is filling and gives the dinner time energy needed to polish off a few cervezas at a nearby saloon....

Don't drop any filling. 
With the opening of Pinto 3(!) just around the corner, it seems I'm not the only one hooked on the bad boy burritos Pinto are shifting!

My advice: get hungry, get down there, get spicy and you'll get Pinto.

Agree/disagree? Think Taco Mazama are doing a better job?!!?

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  1. Great review! I love Pinto, quick, easy and delicious food! I only just recently tried Taco Mazama the beef and chorizo filling was delicious! I think they're both just as good really, although I was quite chuffed with Taco Mazama's lunchtime deal so at the moment it has the edge for me.

    1. Thanks, Kay! You're right; the Taco Mazama lunchtime deal is really good value and their 'demon' (or 'devil'..can't remember!) salsa is MAJORLY spicy in comparison to the hottest Pinto offering: never a bad thing in my book.

      Thanks for commenting!


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