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Bread Meats Bread Meets Mr Manwich: Pre-launch Review @ Bread Meats Bread, St Vincent Street, Glasgow

Bread Meats Bread, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow

Just this minute in from the pre-launch evening at Bread Meats Bread, the very latest edition to Glasgow's ever-growing list of American dining options (not that I'm complaining!).

Thought I'd get my thoughts down on paper while they were still as fresh to death as the Bread Meats Bread potato and brioche buns!

Here it goes:

This pic's a bit blurry, but I wanted to use it to illustrate the different type of items on the menu so you know what you're in store for when you pay the guys there a visit...because you will.

Bread Meats Bread Menu

Left side: burgers.

Three different types/levels or meat 'quality' all offered with different toppings which include beef brisket, swiss cheese, bacon, gravy and the other usual suspects. Nice looking left side; prices reasonable; varied selection; ingredient sources clear.


I didn't get a chance to try it, unfortunately, but the fact it's offered is something I've not come across until now and a pretty cool take on the idea of surf and turf.

I did get to try a sample of each of the different burger types:  House Blend (classic ground beef), Red Label (ground beef mixed with Italian pork sausage) and Black Label (premium, aged ground beef), each tasting delicious in their own special way.

Hightlight of the burger selection sampled for me was probably the Red Label Spartan burger with tomato and tzatziki.
The burger itself was meaty, deep and smoky; accompanying toppings fresh, cool and tasty. A good menu staple for all burger fans.

But what about the good stuffz?

House smoked pastrami on rye with mustard and pickles from @BreadMeatsBread, Glasgow

I'm not saying I'm not 'intae' burgers, right, but those who know me and know this blog know I'm more about sandwiches.

The right side of the menu was where the action was always gonna' be at @BreadMeatsBread for me, and the cats didn't let me down!

Bread Mears Bread Pastrami Sandwich
The pastrami, mustard and pickle sandwich on rye was the first #manwich I was lucky enough to sample and the freshness of the meat, bread and pickles blew my mind.

The guys at Bread Meats Bread smoke the pastrami in house and, in all seriousness, it's absolutely phenomenal.

The meat is succulent, peppery and deliciously seasoned, but not so smoky that it overpowers the taste of the beef itself. The addition of the mustard and the obligatory pickle to the rye bread was, of course, welcome, and the overall finished offering was sublime.

An absolute knockout that I thought was a definite Mayweather (unbeatable)...

The came the 16 hour smoked brisket:
Bread Meats Bread: 16 hour smoked brisket with gravy and swiss cheese on potato bun.
I'm struggling to articulate this in any other way, other than that it can only be described as AN OFFERING FROM THE HEAVENS.

The flavour of the 16 hour smoked meat was simply incredible and the guys have absolutely nailed it with the toppings of melter swiss cheese and smooth, meaty gravy.

The toasted potato bun was a fantastic surprise and a brilliantly original idea.

If you're struggling to think what it's like, it's as soft as a sesame bun but holds firm, uncrumbling, and tastes like a tattie scone! Awesome, eh?!

Best sandwich in Glesga' by a mile; I literally can't get over it.

And the helping of the meat inside is generous too:

Best sandwich in Glasgow at the moment? Probably. 
Overall, first impressions indicate that Bread Meats Bread might live up to my hopes and dreams for a sandwich shop in Glasgow city centre that akin to that of the legendary Primanti Bros of Pittsburgh.

And the beer selection is good too: Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada the bottles of note.

So there you are. Bread Meats Bread meets Mr Manwich.

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And if you're out and about in Glasgow city centre, drop in and pay them a visit at 104 St. Vincent Street: you'll not regret it.

Have you stopped by Bread Meats Bread after reading this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Mr Manwich

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  1. Looking forward to trying this for lunch today, going for the grilled cheese with pastrami! Looks like a great menu and will definitely need to work my way through the rest of it over the coming months. I'm a bit confused at their claim of poutine to be a 'Scottish first' and a 'Bread Meats Bread exclusive'... surely that goes to Smoak? Been eating poutine there for months!

    1. ...well that wasn't great! Of course I understand that it's just opened and teething problems are inevitable but still. Wow. 40 minutes for a grilled cheese sandwich, then told only when I was collecting my order that there were no sweet potato fries just regular fries in it's place, that okay? Didn't have the heart to say no to the eager, friendly staff member. I felt that if I complained I would've been fed the "we've just opened" line and I just felt really sorry for the guy serving. Would love to say that the food more than made up for it but sadly not, back in my office I munched on hard/not fully cooked fries with no dip as advertised and a grilled cheese sandwich that I could've got from Charlie Browns for half the price (and in way less time!). I guess I will go back at some point, let them find their feet a bit, but certainly not any time soon.

    2. I think this is overly harsh. There will always be teething problems on the very first day and like you say, why not just go back at some point once they've settled in? You didn't need to accept the regular fries that they offered and I think it's good that they offered instead of simply saying "we don't have any sweet potato fries ready". I've worked in restaurant for years and would much prefer if a customer told me, "hey, I understand that you've only been open for a day but I think you could improve by doing X, Y and Z"...if they don't receive any feedback, how will they improve?

      That said, I was also at the tasting last night too and was really impressed with the quality of the food. The meat is really top notch and I agree, the pastrami sandwich was pretty special. Street food is certainly popular in Glasgow at the moment, so I'm sure they'll do very well.

    3. Not being harsh, just expressing an opinion on what I experienced. Like I said, I understand there will be teething problems, but as you say street food is becoming more and more popular in Glasgow which is a good thing and it's for this very reason that new places need to be on point even on opening day, the competition is growing out there. While I was waiting so many people were being turned away for take away and told to come back later, how many of these people will actually come back given that most people are on a set lunch break? Probably not many because the first impression will always count regardless of the teething issues. Okay, I'll give it that the grilled cheese sandwich was good and I probably shouldn't have made the comparison to Charlie Browns, but a 40 minute wait for it even on opening day isn't great. I have no doubt that the food you tried at the tasting night was amazing, and I'm looking forward to trying some of the same at some point in the future.

  2. I was in today at lunch time and my pastrami on Rye was fantastic. The fries were a bit cold and they gave me regular instead of sweet potato. My friends burger was the wrong order but it took 30 minutes for our food to come so we couldn't wait any longer and send it back. The other order of Sweet Potato fries had regular fries mixed in too. No Poutine available yet either.

    I will be back because the sandwich was great and the rest of the stuff I just put down to them being totally overwhelmed by how busy it was.

  3. Hey Mr Manwich, I don't normally post anything online but when it come to dining out @breadmeatsbread then i just have to say that even a year+ down the line from your review every word about the experience is still true! we had a small team lunch out the other day and all 7 of us had a fab eat.


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