Sunday, 13 October 2013

Good MEATin' @ Meat Bar, West Regent Street, Glasgow

Mr Manwich visits MEAT Bar, 142 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

It's been a good while since I got round to putting up something on this here blog.

It's not that I've not been eating my beloved #manwiches, not by a long shot. I've been writing about different things and thinking about taking this site in a new direction. We'll see...

Anyway, a really sensational scran popped up unexpectedly on Thursday night and it I wanted to give the folk at MEAT Bar a quick shout out for providing a tasty, hearty feed; accommodating, friendly service; a top-notch in-bar soundtrack of classic & modern rock; and an overall enjoyable after work dinner experience (@Meatbarglasgow on Twitter).

"Was it really that good?", I hear you ask.

Well, aye, actually, it wis.

That's exactly what it was: GOOD.

Here are some pictures taken on my lesser-known model of smart phone to elaborate:

MEAT Bar Steak Sandwich: GOOD
Faither and I ordered two manwiches: The Steak Sandwich and The French Dip.

The Steak Sandwich came with a good helping of nicely sliced medium cooked beef: GOOD.
Grilled onions: GOOD.
Horseradish mustard mayo: GOOD
Ciabatta roll: GOOD.

A classic combination executed well. The steak itself was succulent and tasty and the accompanying onions and horseradish mustard mayo offered sweetness and a little heat. Winner.

"The French Dip" @ MEAT Bar, Glasgow

The French Dip:

Slow cooked brisket: GOOD. Tasty, meaty, sumptuous, flavoursome.
Blue Swiss cheese: GOOD. Deep, tangy, not too strong.
Grilled onions: GOOD. Sweet and crunchy.
Whole grain mustard and horseradish: GOOD. Adding a bit of heat: never a bad thing.
Bone Marrow Gravy: WOW. Salty, meaty, silky; brought the whole thing together nicely.

Do it.

Pleased to MEAT you too, MEAT Bar.

I'll be back.

Have you been to MEAT Bar? What did you think? Any other recommendations!?

Let me know by email (mrmanwich[at] or Tweet me: @MrManwich.

Mr Manwich

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