About Me / FAQ

Born in '88, a sandwich lover from Glasgow, Scotland.

I started this blog in Nov 2010 to document my path to sandwich enlightenment...

Whether it be the cheapest pre-packed supermarket offering, an original creation from the smallest independent takeaway joint, the fanciest 2 slice from a sit-in or the ultimate gargantuan home-made manwich, you'll find it here.

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Q. What is a 'manwich'?

A. A manly sandwich! Or any sandwich eaten by a man: whatever you want it to be!

Q. What can be considered as a manwich?

A. Strictly speaking, a manwich should be 2 slices of bread with a whole lot of filling, but in the spirit of equal rights for all manwiches, this blog will also consider burgers, rolls, wraps, pittas hot or cold, and due to a deep love for Mexican food: tacos, burritos, quesadillas and chimichangas.